Fallen angel
Nailed to the Devil’s cross
Hollow eyes blinded by light

Stolen childhood
Sold your body for gold
Death’s shadow cast upon you

Soulless outcast
Hooked on life’s promises
Surrounded by suicide

Sallow victim
Exploited by the earth
Walk fast to an early grave

Shaken and stirred
Trapped all alone today
Tomorrow starts Hell again

Scarred and broken
No redemption in sight
Death is the only way out

© 2015 Erozeno
Artwork / Photography © 2015, Erozeno




The ball of fire in the west slowly fell to earth
Light surrendered to the dark
The full moon spotlighted the atmosphere

South of the border
the dark desert highway dead-ended
into an old ghost-town

No crossroads
no thruway
no signs of life

The dilapidated city limit sign read:

Population 665

I sought refuge in a deserted mission
Lifeless, dark, dusty
and long since abandoned

Smoke began to emerge from the depths
My heart raced as I saw flames ignite
I feverishly broke-out in a cold sweat

Her blazing crimson body emerged
She writhed like a flaming cobra
and glistened with sulfuric drops of fire

Diabla danced in the moonlight

She was a holocaust in high heels
Her statuesque legs never ended
An inferno raged in her eyes

Her sizzling hips shook hypnotically
Her fiery curves struck like lightning
and melted my resistance

Her thermonuclear vibrations
parted the seas, rocked the earth
and put a spell on me

Diabla danced in the moonlight

To the beat of my heart
To the cries of lost souls
and the eternally damned

When the moon was full
she danced for her satanic majesty
To steal the souls of the unforgiven

Until she satisfies her hellish penance
She must pay with the souls of others
who fall prey to her infernal charms

Diabla danced in the moonlight

She reached-out for my heart
My spirit flushed as she beckoned me
to join her diabolical dance of death

She led my soul into temptation
My entire being weakened
My immunity failed

Delivered to evil
Seduced by the fire of passion
Burned by the flames of hell

Diabla danced in the moonlight

Let those with
wisdom count the
number of souls:
and six

© 2015, Erozeno
Artwork / Photography © 2015, Erozeno


I Read Your Letters

You write them, I’ll read them!

Joseph S from the Republic of Crimea wants to know:

1. What is the meaning of life?

2. Please tell  me about your philosophy in regards to writing poetry.

Letter to Erozeno: Joseph S

Thank you for your letter, Joseph S!

As for the meaning of life, “Death Before Disco” was a popular slogan in the late 1970s and I think it should merit consideration today. Seriously, Henry Miller said that love is the one thing we don’t give (or receive) enough. I agree that life is love. The quality of life is measured by how much love we give, and how much love we receive.

Writing poetry is the essence of beautiful failure. At some point in writing (as in life) we will fail. The key is to fail beautifully while striving gallantly. Poetry comes to life when we have the courage to pick-up the pen after a beautiful failure.

Peace and love always!

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Liars, Damn Liars, and Politicians

Liars Damn Liars and Politicians: a Parody

by Erozeno (Featuring J. Monroe)

Music & Sound Recording of Music © 2015 Erozeno, and J. Monroe


Guitars: J. Monroe
Bass: Erozeno
Drums: Erozeno
Vocals: EZ Presley

Erozeno plays Slingerland Drums, and Zildjian Cymbals exclusively. He also uses DW Hardware, Evans drum heads, Vic Firth sticks, and Roc-and-Soc drum thrones exclusively.

J. Monroe plays Schecter Guitars, and uses Marshall amplification systems exclusively.

Erozeno plays Fender basses, and uses Marshall amplification systems exclusively.

Not appearing on this recording:

Kanye West
Abe Lincoln
Jerry Garcia
David Carradine
Joseph Stalin
Mary Tyler Moore
Demond Wilson
Charles Bukowski
Esther Rolle, and
Hannah Montana


Audio clips of U.S. Presidents Bush, Nixon, Obama, and Clinton are Public Domain, and used for the purpose of political parody protected by the fair use, and My Lai/Zapruder exceptions to copyright law.

Video clips are Public Domain segments of a 1965 United States Department of Defense film called “Why Vietnam” and are used for the purpose of political parody protected by the fair use, and My Lai/Zapruder exceptions to copyright law.

The use of the above audio and/or video clips does not, in any way, suggest that its creators endorse Erozeno and/or his use of the above clips.