Write Me!

Dedicated to those lonely words patiently waiting for their chance…

Write Me

I am a word
Write me!

I hide-out in the
deepest recesses
of your mind

I haunt your dreams
I visit your fantasies
and darkest imagination

I hang-out on the fringe
of your subconscious
between reality and illusion

I am out there with you
I float around the cosmos
I congregate in cyberspace

I am a word
Write me!

I could alter your life
I could start a revolution
I could change the world

I bring your lover to tears
I am your Alpha and Omega
I turn your fantasies into reality

I am a word
Write me!

I am the prism through which
you make sense of a crazy world

I need you
You need me

Love me
Embrace me

Write me!

© 2017, Erozeno


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Reverend Erozeno?

It is with great pride and pleasure that I announce my ordination by the Church of the Latter Day Dude as a Dudeist Priest. I have practiced Zen Dudeism since 1998 as an ongoing search for the truth and the light.

Ordination is another step in my journey!

I am also available to perform weddings, religious ceremonies, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time (online or offline).

Thank you all very much for your friendship and your kindness!

Wishing you all peace, love, and happiness…always!

“Just take it easy, man.”

Dudeist Church Sign

Certificate of Ordination



The ball of fire in the west slowly fell to earth
Light surrendered to the dark
The full moon spotlighted the atmosphere

South of the border
the dark desert highway dead-ended
into an old ghost-town

No crossroads
no thruway
no signs of life

The dilapidated city limit sign read:

Population 665

I sought refuge in a deserted mission
Lifeless, dark, dusty
and long since abandoned

Smoke began to emerge from the depths
My heart raced as I saw flames ignite
I feverishly broke-out in a cold sweat

Her blazing crimson body emerged
She writhed like a flaming cobra
and glistened with sulfuric drops of fire

Diabla danced in the moonlight

She was a holocaust in high heels
Her statuesque legs never ended
An inferno raged in her eyes

Her sizzling hips shook hypnotically
Her fiery curves struck like lightning
and melted my resistance

Her thermonuclear vibrations
parted the seas, rocked the earth
and put a spell on me

Diabla danced in the moonlight

To the beat of my heart
To the cries of lost souls
and the eternally damned

When the moon was full
she danced for her satanic majesty
To steal the souls of the unforgiven

Until she satisfies her hellish penance
She must pay with the souls of others
who fall prey to her infernal charms

Diabla danced in the moonlight

She reached-out for my heart
My spirit flushed as she beckoned me
to join her diabolical dance of death

She led my soul into temptation
My entire being weakened
My immunity failed

Delivered to evil
Seduced by the fire of passion
Burned by the flames of hell

Diabla danced in the moonlight

Let those with
wisdom count the
number of souls:
and six

© 2015, Erozeno
Artwork / Photography © 2015, Erozeno